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MCU Reset not performed by SYSFW but direct register write instead


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      E2E Thread: https://e2e.ti.com/e2eprivate/valeo/valeo-ep-automotive/f/valeo-emid-jacinto-forum/1239046/tda4vl-q1-tvemid-perfroming-sw-reset-mcu_perform_reset

      The MCAL MCU driver performs the Soft System Reset through a direct register write of the CTRL_MMR register:

      140 /*******************************************************************************
      141  * Mcu_PerformSoftSysReset
      142  ******************************************************************************/
      143 /*! \brief      This function will perform system reset.
      144  *
      145  ******************************************************************************/
      146  /*
      147  *Design: MCAL-8452,MCAL-8444
      148  */
      149 void Mcu_PerformSoftSysReset(uint32 resetVal)

      { 151     ¦uint32 regRDVal = 0; 152  153     ¦LLD_REG32_WR(&rstaddr->MAIN_WARM_RST_CTRL, MCU_PERFORM_RESET_MASK); 154  155 }


      Customers may wonder why this task is not performed through the SYSFW provided interface. It does not seem to be documented anywhere on the design decision for directly accessing the register and bypassing SYSFW. The design documents do allude to SYSFW as a possibility: Reset of Device (SoC):
      • Reset is performed by using the setting the appropriate bits of the hardware register for the domain. Also, Sci Client API’s could be used to perform warm reset.

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