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QNX: SRV File I/O failing


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    • Processor SDK - Jacinto
    • ADASVISION-4080
    • SDK_J7_07_00_00
    • PROCESSOR_SDK_09.x
    • j721e-evm

      The SRV file I/O app segfaults when run in QNX.  The segfault observed is below:

      Process 77841 (vx_app_srv_fileio.out) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=0000000001079374(/usr/lib/ldqnx-64.so.2@__memcpy_isr+0x00000000000001b4) mapaddr=0000000000079374. ref=00000000109ad000
      Memory fault (core dumped)


      From a first level debug, the segfault is coming in the call to PVRTModelPODFlattenToWorldSpace which is called inside car_init when loading all the car models.  This issue happens for the SUV car model, which is not being used.  However, if this car model is removed from the build, the file I/O app works as expected.  I'm not sure if this is due to an issue in the graphics driver for QNX.


      This is now failing for Linux as well and corruption is seen on the output

      The Linux issue was fixed by fixing the issue causing ADASVISION-4577

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