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Connecting twice to the same device causing wrong count of connections and a memory leakage



    • Bug
    • Status: Accepted
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    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • SimpleLink CC13x2-26x2 SDK BLE5 Stack
    • BLE_AGAMA-3169
    • BLE Stack BLE5-2.2.1 RC5


      SDK version: simplelink_cc13x2_26x2_sdk_4_40_00_44

      problem description:

      When repetitively connecting and disconnecting (by disappearing from the network) with a central to peripheral project(enable HEAPMGR_METRICS in the peripheral), you can see that heapmgrMemAlo/heapmgrMemMax just keeps growing. Also, the count for number of active connections rises, although there is only one device.


      reproducibility: 100%

      steps to reproduce:

      1. Flash one CC26x2 launchpads with the multi-role attached here,  and HEAPMGR_METRICS enabled.
      2. Flash one CC26x2 launchpads with a modified simple_central project(ble5_simple_central_cc26x2r1lp_app_src_FlashOnly_Release.hex). The modified sc project has DEFAULT_DEV_DISC_BY_SVC_UUID set to true, no pairing, thus will automatically search for the multi-role and connect to it. After 1s, the sc device will reset.  Then it will search for multi-role project again and connect to it.
      3. if the central doesnt reset, but just disconnects, try to reset it manually just after it finishes the connection, and then the peripheral will "think" it connected to a new device, before it gets the timeout and disconnects from the previous connection. 

      Additional Observation:

      1. If the simple_central sends GAP_TerminateLinkReq() instead of just disappearing from the network(reset), then you won't see the memory leak.
      2. If max_ble_conn = 1,  you won't see the memory leak.




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