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CDD_IPC: GHS compiler throws errors for flexible array variable


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      The MCAL IPC library goes into the ASIL-D MCU R5F core. Customer is using GHS Safety Certified Compiler which generates a number of errors and warnings, which do not show up with TI ARM Clang Compiler. 

      mcal/CddIpc/ipc_baremetal_hw/src/ipc_api.c", line 143 (col. 26): error #1029: type containing an unknown-size array is not allowedError line marked ith ==>

       *  \brief Element to hold payload copied onto receiver's queue.
      typedef struct RPMessage_MsgElem_s
          IpcUtils_QElem    elem;          /**< Allow list linking.          */
          uint32          len;           /**< Length of data               */
          uint32          src;           /**< Src address/endPt of the msg */
          uint32          procId;        /**< Processor sending the msg    */
      ==>    uint8          data[];        /**< payload begins here          */
      } RPMessage_MsgElem;/* The RPMessage Object */
      typedef struct RPMessage_Object_s
          uint32             endPt;        /**< Unique id (procId | queueIndex) */
          void                 *semHandle;   /**< I/O Completion                 */
          RPMessage_Callback   cb;           /**< RPMessage Callback */
          void*                arg;          /**< Callback argument */
          IpcUtils_QHandle     queue;        /**< Queue of pending messages             */
          uint8              unblocked;    /**< Use with signal to unblock _receive() */
          IpcUtils_HeapParams  heapParams;   /* Save the heapBuf params to delete Heap   */
          IpcUtils_HeapHandle  heap;         /* Heap from which to allocate free messages */
          RPMessage_EndptPool  *pool;        /**< track associated pool for cleanup */
          void*                recv_buffer;  /**< Application buffer from RPMessage_recv() */
          RPMessage_MsgElem    payload;      /**< Message info for RPMessage_recv() */
      } RPMessage_Object;

      GHS doesn't like any structure or variable that has zero size. Given that this is data generated by TI, Customer insists TI fix the issues.

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