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tiarmcov should not include instrumented runtime data by default or report errors


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      In a past commit, we enabled instrumentation of armv7r runtime libraries so that they could be included in profiling information by Sitara MCU (along with JSON export) to identify frequently executed functions for smart placement.  We are not shipping source, and the embedded path for the files is from our build system, and so tiarmcov will report an error when attempting to visualize all files in the project.

      1.) tiarmcov should not be including runtime information in visualization or in reports, since none of this is pertinent when users actually want to do code coverage.  In most cases, users should use file filters to only include the source they care about.  However, when profiling for smart placement, it makes sense to view data for all files.

      2.) tiarmcov should include this information when exporting to JSON, but it doesn't need source information for that. 

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