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QKIT: tiarmclang 2.1.0.LTS QKIT has typo's for c17 and c++17 support


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      e2e customer asks:
      Does the TI ARM CLANG compiler qualification support using the c17  compiler option? I looked through the qualification documents and see reference to commonly used compiler options --std=c89,c99,c11 and the validation results show c11 tests. 

      The QKIT for tiarmclang 2.1.x.LTS needs to have ToolDefinition.pdf and validation_results.pdf reviewed/updated. 

      The 2.1.x.LTS release of the TI Arm Clang Compiler Tools do not support the -std=c++17 option.

      The default for C is -std=gnu17 and the default for C++ is -std=c++14.

      Table 6.2 in the QKIT ToolDefinition.pdf needs to be corrected:

      • -std=c++17 should not be listed
      • -std=c17 should be listed
      • -std=gnu17 should be listed

      QKIT validation_results.pdf has test row entries for c11 c+11 c{+}14 but none for c17.

      Explicit tests for -std=c17 support need to be identified and documented in the validation_results.pdf document.

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