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CPU is hitting 100% when using gst-launch for both encode and decode using appsink, appsrc


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    • Processor SDK - Jacinto
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    • j721s2-evm

      SDK: J721S2 8.4 (Wave5)

      CPU is hitting 100% when checked using the 'top' command for single and multi-instance encode and decode.

      I have made some analysis and found out the issue is not with the codec but with src and sink.
      I am attaching the excel sheet which has experimentation results.
      [^A72 Codec utilisation- j721s2.xlsx]

      Both fakesink and filesink are using buffer copy, so the cpu load is increasing. With fakevideosink, which doesn't use any copy, cpu utilisation is always less than 10 %.

      But with appsink, appsrc how to improve the load?

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