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enet: mdio: Failure in PHY reg read in manual mode in 'debug' profile


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    • Ethernet Switch Firmware
    • ETHFW-2242
    • ETHFW_09_00_00
    • ETHFW_10_00_00
    • j721e-evm

      PHY register read in manual mode appears to consistently fail in 'debug' profile image after migration to Clang v2.3.1.

      When the issue happens, Enet LLD is not able to ever recover.

      The error messages observed in the console are the following:

      Mdio_ioctlManualMode: failed to read PHY 0 C22 reg 0: -1
      EnetPhyMdioDflt_readC22: PHY 0: Failed to read C22 reg: -1
      EnetPhy_readReg: PHY 0: Failed to read reg 0: -1

      Note: Need to be confirmed that this issue is also reproducible in 'release' build.

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