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C7x cannot run new image after running Clear CLEC Secure Claim image


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      j721e-hsevm j721s2-hsevm j784s4-hsevm

      Issue Description
      C7x app image cannot start to run after running Clear CLEC Secure Claim image which is necessary for PBIST test.

      Current suspicion is the reset sequence of C7x in SBL. Below please find the bootapp log captured w/wo sciclient_clear_clec_secure_claim_c7x_1_release.rprc.

      • With sciclient_clear_clec_secure_claim_c7x_1_release.rprc  run

      line8  “WARNING: Device Id Doesn't match”

      line 119:  Sciclient_pmSetModuleState  DevId 0x8  state is 0x1 resetState:0x0 contextLossState:0x1 ...

      line 120:  Sciclient_pmSetModuleState off, DevId 0x8... Failed  

            This means the call Sciclient_pmSetModuleState Power off failed as to the state is 1.

      • Without running sciclient_clear_clec_secure_claim_c7x_1_release.rprc,

         No info “WARNING: Device Id Doesn't match”

         And power off C71 success in the boot_wo_clec.log

      Line 116   Sciclient_pmSetModuleState  DevId 0x8  state is 0x0 resetState:0x0 contextLossState:0x0 ...

       Line 117 Sciclient_pmSetModuleState off, DevId 0x8... success

      Root Cause:
      C7x's power domain ( LPSC_c71x ) is shared by other IPs. When SBL loads c7x binary, LPSC_c71x will be powered ON. During pm deferred initialization all the devices connected to LPSC_c71x will be marked as ON because LPSC_c71x is powered ON. To turn OFF the particular power domain, all IPs connected to that domain should be powered OFF.

      Resolution Description:
      Turn OFF all the devices connected to c7x power domain to turn OFF c7x power domain

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