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Permission issue can occur when running the vision apps script incorrectly


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      Permission issue can occur when running the vision apps script incorrectly.  Some observations from Aniket below, along with the attached email

      This is only relevant when the user does a "make linux_fs_install_sd_ip"
      The above command will go through... even multiple times.
      However after running the command once, the binaries are installed as root since the partition was mounted as root here : https://git.ti.com/cgit/processor-sdk/vision_apps/tree/makerules/makefile_linux_arm.mak?h=main#n277
      So the next time you remove the SD card and mount on PC directly and try "make linux_fs_install_sd" it gives an error saying permission denied since there it is mounted as the user and tries to remove/replace files that were installed as root previously
      I think it only requires either a "chmod 777" or "chown user:group" at the "/lib/firmware/vision_apps_evm" folder. That worked for me

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